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  • CAS No:96-48-0 oxolan-2-one
    Molecular Structure

    Detailed Description

    Details of Gamma Butyrolactone / GBL:
    GBL Specifications
    GBL CAS Number 96-48-0
    GBL Formula C4H6O2
    GBL Molecular Weight: 86.1
    GBL Melting point, ca. -43°C
    GBL Boiling range, 201°C - 206°C
    GBL package:25 L Drums
    GBL min order: 1 liter
    Gamma-butyrolactone, a.k.a. GBL, is a colorless odorless transparent liquid free of suspended substance. Our GBL 99 contains Gamma Butyrolactone of the best quality.